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Englefield Green Village Residents' Association (EGVRA) - Call for new Committee members!

To fully meet the aims of EGVRA we are in urgent need of more committee members to suggest ideas to maintain and improve our village, also to share the range of tasks such as putting together a village Newsletter, working with the Fair committee, supporting people concerned about developments, student matters to name some of the tasks that it are essential to drive our Village Association forward for the benefit of the whole of Englefield Green.

At present we have only 6 of the 9 possible members. Of these several are also heavily involved in other volunteer roles in our community. Please consider whether you would be prepared to get involved yourself and offer input in our discussions, we meet for around 90 minutes approximately every 6 weeks. We would be pleased to hear from you as soon as possible. If you do not feel able to join the committee please get the word out to your friends and neighbours around our village and ask them to join EGVRA for which, for some time, there has been no subscription fee.