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Full RBC Council Meeting


Below are the details of the next full Council which is taking place in Englefield Green at RHUL. One of the items on the Agenda is Climate Change which EGVRA is aware is a topic that a large number of villagers are interested in.  If you can spare the time it would be great if you can attend.to see how our  Councillors respond to issues that matter to villagers.  Also please share with your friends as they may not be EGVRA members and may not be aware of this - EGVRA Committee

The next meeting of the Runnymede Borough Full Council is on Wed 26th January at 7.30pm at the Windsor Building, Royal Holloway University of London. You can enter the college through the main black gates on the A30 and then turn right and follow signs to car park 12.

The agenda of the meeting is now available at https://www.runnymede.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/582/full-council

Although the agenda may appear at first sight bit dry, you may be particularly interested in the following items:

Item 5 – Questions from Members of the Public - these are concerned with:

  1. What the Council can do for residents living around Jubilee High School in Addlestone, in terms of safety, air quality, neighbourhood quality of life and respect to property.              
  2. What the Council is doing to improve the energy efficiency of its housing stock.
  3. What changes the council is making to the Council procedures and protocols that will enable it to make better progress in combatting climate change.

Item 7 – Question from Cllr Robert King to Leader of the Council, with regard to the provision of support to those residents of Runnymede affected by the £1040 cut to Universal Credit

Item 8 – Recommendation from Environment and Sustainability Committee – Climate Change - To set a target of 2030 to be net zero

Item 12 –     1. Labour and Co-operative Party Motion from Cllr Robert King proposing a review and study into a licensing scheme for privately rented properties in the Englefield Green, Egham Town, Egham Hythe and Thorpe Lea area, with the purpose of raising housing standards.

                   2. Liberal Democrat motion from Cllr Sylvia Whyte to promote The Great Big Green Week in September 2022

Residents of Englefield Green may also be interested in Item 14: to consider appointment of Mr Stephen Brisby as replacement residents’ representative on the Englefield Green Committee

Please do come, to see local democracy at work, and bring your friends!