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Lockdown Help - The Village Centre


The Village Centre


Our Centre Manager, Ali Watts, and her team continue to work with Mutual Aid Egham and Englefield Green to assist some of those people most affected by the corona virus pandemic.

Last month Ali described some of the services being offered. Over the last few weeks other kinds of help have been made available. One is “Lockdown Babies” which is advertised in “The Ship”.  There are always big challenges for new parents to face, as well as welcome joys, and “Lockdown Babies” aims to provide help with free meals and gifts. It also offers a telephone buddy system to those who feel they would benefit from that. Please contact 07526 360704 for further information.

“Lockdown Birthdays” is another scheme which has been launched recently and is currently being run by two of the many volunteers who are part of Mutual Aid. There are a variety of birthday gifts on offer including IT help for those who on their birthday would like to make virtual contact with loved ones but do not have the skills and/or the equipment to do so. Other gifts include balloons and banners to decorate the homes of those celebrating a birthday.  And if you are a walker you may find some decorations and birthday greetings have been placed along your route on your special day!

And then there is “Lockdown Books”.  Libraries remain currently closed and some people are especially missing the company of a good read. The United Church of Egham has literally hundreds of books that have been in quarantine for most of these last few weeks so can be safely delivered to a reader on request.  There is no time limit on how long the book can be kept but when it is no longer needed it can be returned to quarantine.  Already this service is proving popular in helping to ease some of the inevitable frustration that goes with lockdown.

Although the Village Centre itself remains closed at present some of our regular groups are beginning to consider the possibility of re-forming once restrictions begin to be lifted. Careful thought and considerable planning has to be given to the requirements of social distancing and other means of staying safe.

At the same time Ali has been continuing to investigate possibilities around the refurbishment of the Centre, something that has been under discussion for a while.  She has also been singlehandedly giving the Centre a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and newly sanded floors.

In September the Centre will have been in operation for ten years.  During that time it has provided considerable support to many people and it has become a focus of meeting for many villagers of all ages.  We look forward to a special celebration in September!  We are grateful to God for Ali and all who have given enormous amounts of time and energy as either members of staff or volunteers.  Please remember especially those members of staff who have had to be furloughed.  This is a challenging time for them also.

A reminder that if you wish to request help from the Village Centre/ Mutual Aid you can do so either via the RBC triage line 01932 838383, who then email through to our relevant teams, or you can contact us directly on 07526 360704. Shopping, prescription collection, dog walking and telephone contact remain among the very many facilities still on offer.  

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