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Neighbourhood Watch and Covid-19


Neighbourhood Watch - Advice

Neighbourhood Watch supporters across England and Wales have been responding rapidly to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis making a positive impact within their local communities.
This is a challenging time for all of us - health, safety and wellbeing must be our top priorities and at the heart of every decision we make. It’s critical to do our part to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and we are diligently following guidance and best practices from the NHS and PHE. Many of our volunteers and supporters are in the age groups at higher risk from Covid-19 and may also have other conditions that increase their vulnerability. The most important actions we can all can take is to do everything we can to avoid becoming ill and placing further pressure on the NHS and other emergency services.
There are five things we can all do to make a positive difference in our communities:

  • Think of others, consider your actions and be kind;
  • Connect and reach out to your neighbours;
  • Make the most of online groups;
  • Support vulnerable or isolated people; and
  • Only share accurate information or advice.

We are also concerned about scams and fraud that may arise as people take advantage of the crisis. Please share details of the following scams with anyone that you know who might be at risk:

  • Impersonating Red Cross workers and health authorities - door-to-door knocking claiming to be carrying out mandatory testing for coronavirus as an excuse to enter a home and carry out robberies

Always ask for ID before letting someone into your home

  • Impersonating willing shoppers – door-to-door knocking offering help with shopping but then instead steal the money

Any one who wishes to volunteer in any capacity should register with North West Surrey Volunteers service https://voluntarysupport.org.uk/register-volunteer/ Runnymede Borough Council will use this to help coordinate efforts

  • Cybercrime - there are a number of people sending emails with false test results plus information regarding coronavirus via a link. That link creates a virus on your computer. 

If you are unsure, do not open links within an email, visit official websites instead. Advice and guidance is continually being updated and it is important to check official websites for the latest information.

Keith Bendall
Runnymede NHW