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Egham Community Meeting


Action points from Egham community meeting, United Church of Egham, Egham High Street. 14.11.18


Panel members in attendance:

Chair: Mark Adams (Chairman, Egham Chamber of Commerce)

  • Mike Berry (Director, Estates, Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • Tom Flynn (Chief Executive Officer, Royal Holloway Students’ Union) 
  • Helen Groenendaal (Head of Student Advisory & Wellbeing, Royal Holloway, University of London)
  •  (No councillors attended the meeting and the two residents groups declined to sit on the panel)


Residents attending

Circa 25 residents from Englefield Green and Egham attended the meeting. 


Action Points




Next update




This issue is owned by Runnymede & Surrey Councils. Enquiries about its progression should be sent to borough counsellors

RH&R Consultative Group meeting, 26 February

Coun. Marisa Heath member of Runnymede Borough Council & Surrey County Council


Student housing

Resident suggestion that SU ask letting agents to include a

good behaviour clause in private rental agreements

RH&R Consultative Group meeting, 26 February

Tom Flynn


Mobile CCTV

Resident suggestion that Surrey CC be approached to deploy mobile CCTV in area near Spring Rise Gate to help monitor late-night behaviour by students.

RH&R Consultative Group meeting, 26 February

Mike Berry


Transient Noise

Starting in January representatives from Royal Holloway and the Students’ Union will be in the Spring Rise, Ripley Springs area Mon, Wed and Fri (key event nights) at approx. 11pm and from 1am to 3am, to reduce transient student noise.  

RH&R Consultative Group meeting, 26 February

Mike Berry and Tom Flynn


Information Commissioner

Resident with letter from the Information Commissioner to send the letter to the university for it to be actioned.

RH&R Consultative Group meeting, 26 February

Resident and Mike Berry


Parking tickets

Resident identified a number of cars with parking tickets which they feel may belong to students.  College is advised by Police if they believe the vehicle belongs to a student who lives in halls and therefore should not have a car here. No information had been received to that effect, but will confirm

RH&R Consultative Group meeting, 26 February



Next Meetings:

  • Tuesday 26 February, Royal Holloway &Runnymede Consultative Group meeting, Royal Holloway, University of London.
  • Councillor surgery Saturday 9 March 11am – 11.30am, Social Hall, Victoria Street, Englefield Green, TW20 0QT