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Latest update - The proposed Danehurst development - Harvest Road


24th August 2109

Letter to Philip Hammond MP from Keith Bendall - Chair of EGVRA

Dear Mr Hammond,

Re: Planning Application number RU.18/1122  and Appeal reference APP/Q3630/W/18/3219397

I write to ask for your advice as to process, and assistance if possible, to challenge the granting of the Appeal by The Planning Inspectorate by contact with the Secretary of State.

The decision by the Planning Inspector came as a great shock and surprise to the committee of Englefield Green Village Residents’ Association (EGVRA), its members and many other residents of our village community. EGVRA with our local councillors worked hard to support our community, and particularly the residents who will be most affected by the massive, overbearing and intrusive nature of the subject large-scale development of 166 student units with only 16 parking spaces. There were 70 letters of representation against the planning application and at the RBC Planning Committee meeting last November the application was overwhelmingly refused with only one committee member voting to allow the proposed development. Upon Appeal the Planning Inspector then received 278 letters strongly urging refusal based upon solid planning reasons. The Planning Inspector’s reasoning for granting the Appeal does not take any account of these letters and the comments of our local councillors who walked around the area with her during her site visit. Also, the determination does not recognise the established Plans of Runnymede Borough Council and Royal Holloway, University of London’s Masterplan. The comments from the Planning Inspectorate entirely dismiss the strong case as to how this private development by Danehurst would, in effect, be a further encroachment of RHUL Northwards into our village.

Whilst we would not normally consider it appropriate to seek to challenge the Planning Inspectorate, we feel in this case we must do so as, if constructed, the development would be so detrimental for the narrow Victorian part of Harvest Road where there is only low-level housing. In addition, it would set a dangerous precedent for this size of development within our village.

We are happy to discuss the planning application in more detail with you to provide further context and hope that you will support all the residents who feel bitterly let down by the Appeal decision.

Your urgent assistance with this matter would be much appreciated by our community and our local councillors.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Bendall – Chair EGVRA


6th August 2019

Despite the efforts of many people in Englefield Green, the Appeals authority has reversed the RBC Planning Committee's decision. The Danehurst development in Harvest Road will now go ahead.


Notice from Cllr Marisa Heath:

Councillors' Surgery Saturday 13th April

Please can residents try to attend our councillor surgery on Saturday 13th April 11am - 12noon at the Victoria Street Social Hall as we are trying to get representations for the Planning Appeal against Danehurst on Harvest Road for 166 units with barely any parking plus I want to get views around yellow lines in South Road before instructing Highways officers and there are some other suggestions around roads I would like to get views on. Would be great to see as many of you as possible even if you only stay 5 mins!


14th March 2019


Danehurst plan to appeal against the planning decision. Further information to follow.

16th November

A message from the Chair of EGVRA

Good news!! The Danehurst proposal was emphatically refused by the Planning Committee in Addlestone last Wednesday evening. 

I spoke to implore the Committee to listen to the voice of village residents expressed in a total of 70 letters of representation and urge its members to refuse planning permission.

I wish to record my appreciation for the contribution made at the meeting by 4 of our councillors - Peter Taylor, Mike Kusneraitis, Nigel King and Japneet Sohi - with their eloquent and forceful submissions against the granting of approval. 

My grateful thanks, also, to the 20 or so residents who attended to lend support.

A great outcome for our village. We must now be alert to see what response is made by Danehurst.

Keith Bendall - Chair EGVRA


15th November

The devopment plan was refused at last night's planning meeting.


Planning Committee meeting - Council chamber, Addlestone Civic Offices

19.30 Wednesday 14th November 2018

If residents can spare the time to attend the planning meeting for this development, this would be appreciated. The chairman of EGVRA will have a slot to speak at the meeting.


There has been considerable opposition from residents to yet another deveopment of student accommodation. The buildings are high, out of character with the present Village architecture, and with inadequate parking provision.

The planning reference is RU.18/1122, and the plans can be viewed on the RBC planning website: