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Heathrow Consulation - RBC response


Runnymede Borough Council's Response:


NB: p4; appendix B; appendix C relate to the consultation.


The Transport Select Committee (TSC) report on Heathrow expansion came out on 23rd March.


This report backs a third runway at Heathrow but has come up with some challenging conditions including tougher air pollution targets and a 7 hour night flight ban.  The Government will respond to the Committee in a few weeks time.  It doesn’t need to accept the conditions but the Committee warns that unless it does it could leave the NPS open to a legal challenge.  A Parliamentary vote is still expected in the summer.
If you are reading the report, the most useful bits for us are the summary at the start, the section on noise pp30-34 and the Noise Appendix which starts on p131.

An important point is that a significant minority of the committee were opposed to the expansion.

The highly respected (by government as well) AEF (Aviation Environ Federation) has provided a reaction to the TSC's conclusions, https://www.aef.org.uk/2018/03/23/aef-comments-on-transport-committees-heathrow-report-out-today/ha