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Aircaft Noise Consultation


The Englefield Green Action Group (EGAG) continues to campaign to ensure that your village is not completely blighted by aircraft noise.  We have done this by continuing to participate in Heathrow working groups to understand proposals, respond to the various complex consultations produced by the Government and liaise with councillors and MPs.

We do however need the support of the local community.  Below is the link to a very short survey on noise being undertaken by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).  Please complete the survey and help us to protect Englefield Green against excessive aircraft noise.


Facts to remember:

Even without Heathrow expansion there is a potential proposal to concentrate noise pollution over the least populated areas (i.e. Englefield Green as currently students are not included!!) creating a noise sewer.

With expansion there will be 260,000 extra flights (700/day) & potentially 6 more routes over Englefield Green

Increase in noise has a negative impact on health and education.


The survey is open to the end of the year but don’t forget and act now.  It really does only take a few minutes.