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Parking issues


A message from Royal Holloway -   There has been an increase in vandalism to cars in the local area, please report to Surrey Police

We would like to make local residents aware that there has been a recent increase in reports of vandalism to cars parked in the local area. Local residents, students and staff are all affected by this and we are working with Surrey Police and the community to help stop this kind of anti-social behaviour.  We’d encourage anyone that experiences damage to their vehicles to report it to the police.

We also encourage any parking obstructions to be reported to Surrey Police direct so that they can take action where appropriate.  Guidance from the Police is that where vehicle access is inhibited, that is, the road is blocked or otherwise impassable due to the way the vehicle has been parked; or you are unable to exit your driveway on to the road, the police may contact the registered keeper and consider removing the offending vehicle. 

Please be aware, in order for the Police to use these powers there must be an obstruction which makes it impassable. If you are able to pass by the vehicle, then the road, footpath or driveway is not deemed to be blocked and the police will not attend.

Where vehicles are parked in a dangerous position which could cause injury to someone using the road (e.g. parking on a blind bend) you should call Police on 101 or report it online.

We recognise that the building works on campus have had an impact on increased curb side parking in the local community.  In order to mitigate this, at the beginning of February we will be opening additional temporary parking spaces on campus for contractors.

A new parking leaflet will be issued, in partnership with Runnymede Borough Council and Surrey Police which reminds people of the need to park in line with the Highway Code. It also reminds students, staff and contractors of the alternative options available to them.  The new leaflets will be distributed this week around Spring Rise, Lynwood Avenue and Ripley Avenue in Egham and as soon as the new parking facility for contractors is open, they will also be distributed to vehicles parked in congested areas around Englefield Green.

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Estate Communications
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