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Alfred Montague

Alfred Montague Fl.1835-1870 first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1836 from an address in Frith Street, London. In 1846 he was at Clewer Green, near Windsor, in 1854 at Englefield Green, and finally at Blackheath Hill, Greeenwich, his last exhibit being in the 1870 exhibition. He also exhibited at Suffolk Street. Only a small number of his exhibits were marines but his stormy scenes are of good quality. The number of Dutch and French views exhibited in the 1840?s and 1850?s indicate he travelled in those countries.

Examples:- Salford Art Gallery, City Of York Art Gallery. (Reproduced from:- The Dictionary Of Sea Painters).

Montague was elected to the Royal Society of British Artist in 1843. His subjects ranged from landscapes, town views to coastal scenes of England, Holland and France. His idyllic scenes were well acclaimed and between 1832 to 1883 he exhibited consistently at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and at Suffolk Street. Montague travelled widely and was inspired by the Dutch and French countryside, yet it is for his simple portrayal of English pastoral life that his work has become best known. He also exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy in 1847 and at Boston Anthenaeum in 1852.