EVGRAEnglefield Green, Surrey, England
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EVGRA Donations

EGVRA donations and projects

❄ The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood – funding provided for the planting of 50 trees by the Woodland Trust.

❄ Donation to Cancer Research

❄ Donation to Manorcroft Football Club to fund the purchase of team strips

❄ Donations to the British Legion

❄ Donation in support of Christmas Day Lunch at the Village Centre 

❄ Covering the cost of providing fencing, a new notice board and other facilities at The Forest Estate Community Hub

❄ Financing the cost of providing wooden safety gates at the Village Centre.

❄ Financing the cost of providing glass front doors at the Village Centre.

❄ Financing the cost of providing a new coffee machine at the Village Centre.

❄ Donation in support of the Refuge Centre at Englefield Green.

❄ Covering the cost of providing a lap top computer for the Village Centre Child Contact Centre.

❄ Continuing provision of seasonal flowers and shrubs in St Jude’s Road adjacent to the cemetery.

❄ Continuing provision of decorated Christmas Tree in the Village.

❄ Donation to Egham/Hythe Flood Relief Fund.

❄ New tables for the Village Centre Cafe

❄ Purchase of a Games Table for the Child Contact Centre

Click here for photos of some of the above projects