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The Village Centre

Welcome to the Village Centre

Our original vision was to build a “hub” for our community. We have achieved this and now want to continue being a centre for the community. Identified as being at the heart of the village, we act as a meeting place, a drop-in centre, and a central source of information for those finding it difficult to live in this complex world. We want to involve the local community, as far as possible, with shared responsibility for meeting local social needs.

It is hoped that we will continue to be a visibly welcoming centre for the community, offering such facilities as:

♣ A place for people to meet over coffee or lunch at our Rendezvous Café 

♣ A referral service for counselling on problems related to debt, parenting, marriage, mediation

♣ Free WiFi

♣ A club room for teenagers, possibly with student support and leadership

♣ A meeting point for adult special-interest groups

♣ A place of worship

♣ A centre for family evenings

♣ A link between university students and the community

♣ Child contact centre

♣ A collection point for the Runnymede Food Bank

♣ Film nights

♣ A Computer Room staffed with volunteer helpers

Please visit us at www.villagecentre.org.uk to find out more, see updates on our progress and what events are taking place in the community.